3-26-10 Friday – eBooks & ePublishing

I bought a nook a couple of weeks ago…and I’m sold…any book, any time, any where…at least where there’s AT&T or Wifi…I can read single-handed AND turn the page…it’s a great reading experience…

Nothing against Amazon, but the nook/Barnes and Noble have a better value proposition for me…being able to go into any B&N with my nook…and read any book…at least that functionality is coming…I can’t totally let go of the Brick and Mortar…yet…

If you are reader get an ebook device…now…no reason to wait…I haven’t tried any newspapers or magazines yet…that’s coming soon.

Speaking of eBooks/ePublishing, here’s a link to an article (a few weeks old) from the New York Review of Books, by Jason Epstein .  It gives great insight to the changes coming to the publishing industry…


The impact these devices will make for/to education will be incredible…imagine interactive math texts…science texts…no more I left my book at school…


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