3-27-09 Saturday – Google China Split

If you haven’t been following what’s been going on between Google and China you are missing out on a small window into the future of  politics and global business…

A few years ago Google goes to China agreeing to ‘filter’ content (can’t have any Chinese seeing pictures of Tiananmen Square…or read about Tibet and the Dalai Lama…can we?)…then early this year China sponsor’s hacking Google (and other companies) to snoop around for info on Chinese dissidents (can you say Gmail?)…so this week Google shuts down the .cn domain re-routing Chinese searches to Hong Kong (.hk domain) which is not filtered…and there’s nothing China can do…shut down the connection a la’ Iran…but that’s it…

This is truly a clash of Titans…just consider, Google is not some oil company (or other capital intensive industry) that risks loosing millions in infrastructure investments (see Venezuala) by getting ‘kicked out’…Google just loses Ad Revenue…There’s nothing to write off…

Think of this ‘spat’ in terms of Sponge Bob (and we can all do with MORE Sponge Bob analogies).  Google would be Mr. Crab (Money, Money, Money) and China would be Plankton (If I can get the secret to Crabbie Patties…I’ll…RULE THE WORLD!!!)…the rest of us are Patricks and Sponge Bobs…(No, I’m not going to write that the French would be Squidward Tentacles…I’ll let the reader come to that conclusion on their own)…

Below is a link to an article by Lara Farrar about how some of the Chinese ‘Netizens’ feel about this…not a great read..but lays the foundation of how China is going to whine about how mistreated they are and no one understands them…


I’ll get to the William Gibson comparisons in the future…no pun intended…


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