4-3-2010 Saturday – Social Media and Workplace

I am fairly new to the “Social Media” phenomenom…I’ve only been on LinkedIn for six months…and only because I lost my job…and I just signed on to Facebook a few weeks ago…

That said, I ‘religiously’ monitor my connections on LinkedIn and even set a ‘reminder’ on my calendar to update my profile every week.  I also started a Reading List on LinkedIn which I update two or three times a month.

I will soon ‘link’ my blog to LinkedIn.

While at work I monitor and update LinkedIn.  I do not go on Facebook, nor do I (yet?) write in my blog at work.  I utilize my LinkedIn connections in a professional capacity to support my career and the company that pays me.  Facebook and my blog do not ‘fit in’ that category.

Social media will eventually ‘cross-over’ into workplace acceptance.  Are you old enough to remember how surfing the ‘Net was monitored in the 90’s?

 But not now.




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2 Responses to “4-3-2010 Saturday – Social Media and Workplace”

  1. warez Says:

    Between us speaking, I advise to you to try to look in google.com

  2. Lisandra Says:

    Remarkable idea

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