4-8-2010 Thursday – FCC Court Case and On-Line Criminals Busted…

…Just a couple of links today…from yesterday…

The first is about Romania busting 70 people for cybercrimes…I am seeing more and more international On-Line thieves being busted…this is a very good thing…for us to get to “Anywhere” we must have a ‘secure’ Internet…and that goes two ways…including the Users becoming more educated and ‘savvy’ with respect to on-line security.


This next link is a follow-up on the FCC…they lost a case in a Federal Appeals Court that basically allows the Telecoms and Cable companies to do whatever they please in providing access…e.g. If AT&T does not want me to use a Linksys router then they can shut me down and make me use an AT&T wireless router and charge me a monthly fee, versus a one-time purchase…

That will not happen of course…(Can you imagine what Cisco would charge them for the big-boy routers if the Telecoms/Cable tried that???)…but we need more competition…the FCC needs to figure out how to create that environment…like South Korea has…



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