4-12-2010 Monday – The Future of Flash

I went with my Dad to our local Apple store last week.  Dad has been an Apple user since he started playing on laptops in the mid-90s…he’s pretty good for someone in their 70’s with no technical background….the decision was about an iPad or Laptop.

The lack of Flash was a deal breaker so he spent twice as much for a laptop.

My Dad is a media consumer and does email.  Dad, my brother and I flip a few emails every day and it’s a great way to stay in contact…but if my Dad can’t watch the videos or listen to audio of his college football team then the device has no value.

When test driving the two devices Dad quickly picked up how to navigate and use the iPad.  The iPad is an elegant machine.  It was more difficult on the laptop, the change from an external keyboard and mouse to the track pad will take some time for him to get used to…but he will change…he’s freed from the desk…

Below is a link from TechCrunch asking the question is Steve Jobs repeating history…i.e. will Android/Flash do to the iPad (and iPhone and iTouch) what Microsoft/Windows did to the Mac.  I have read many articles the last week about this, technical and nontechnical, and the common theme is ‘reach’.  Or in the Anywhere lingo “ubiquitous”.  Flash is “ubiquitous”.  Will companies spend the money to develop on two platforms?  If just some of Tablets ‘slated’ to hit the market this year are 80% as ‘elegant’ as the iPad and run Flash…


Also, Google’s Android O/S will have some say so in this as well…Google has some issues (fragmentation) to work through in supporting Android…per the link below there are four versions of the O/S available and none are compatible with each other…


Is it just me or does it seem this behemoth called Google is everywhere and in everything?…I wonder if Google’s strategy is to get into enough areas that they are bound to succeed in something…keep in mind, unlike Microsoft of the 90’s, Google’s primary source of revenue NOT product driven…In the 90’s once Windows/Office98 was  “ubiquitous” sales/revenue dropped off…Microsoft is continually having to prove its value proposition to grow/keep up sales and fight against Windows/Office XX is ‘good enough’…Not so with Google…everyday I have to search for something…”Cha-Ching”…

One last thought…from the link below a Flash developer states the problem between Flash and any Touch-Screen hardware is due to the mouse…a finger is not a mouse…but if that is the problem…why wouldn’t Mr. Jobs say that?…why all the talk about ‘buggy’ and ‘security flaws’???  Because Apple has ‘outgrown’ the device that made it…famous…the mouse…but Apple does not want to say it?



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