4-14-2010 Wednesday – Nook’s and Kindle’s in Retail Stores

I am reading my fourth eBook on my nook and it is a great reading experience.  And I will write/say this many more times:

“If you read a lot of books then buy an eReader…Now.  Do not wait.”

I see the Tablets owning newspapers and magazines, but for reading a novel or nonfiction book you do not need all the ‘flash’ that comes with an iPad…eReader devices will continue to improve, but start building your eLibrary now…these devices will do, in the near term, what 8-tracks, cassettes, CDs, and digital formats did for music and the VCR to DVD and now to Blu-Ray is doing for video…making people buy the same content more than once…I have two bookshelves and an attic full of books.  I conservatively estimate I will re-purchase at least 25% of my ‘paper’ collection in digital format over time…Harry Potter, William Gibson, Michael Connelly, John Le Carre’ (as dated as he may be) just to name a few…

And anytime I travel, anywhere, I can take them ALL with me.  I have not been to Paris or London, but if I ever go I will have a digital copy of the Da Vinci Code with me…And no extra space (or baggage cost) is required to take bring the book along with me.

The tablets will also take over the textbook industry.  If you are in the used textbook business you ought to think about getting out in the next 36 months or you may be left holding the (book) bag…School disticts will soon be ‘subscribing’ to textbooks…imagine algebra books where the examples are worked before your eyes with audio and graphs are built step by step and point by point…envision history books coming alive with words and maps that trasnform…science books where you can work the labs while simultaneously watching it peformed…limitless possibilities…

On my ‘simple’ nook now I can look up the definition to words (‘clunky’ though it may be) or highlight passages without having to get up and get anything…

Kindles and nooks will now be available more broadly…if you are thinking about getting an eReader you will soon be able to test drive multiple types…




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