4-20-2010 Tuesday – FCC Ruling II

Ok, there’s been a lot about the Federal Appeals Court overruling a lot of control the FCC ‘thought’ they had over Internet/Broadband providers…The Bush Adminstration, using the great conservative mantra “Smaller Government”, deregulated the FCC to spur competition and speed ‘Ubiquitous Connectivity’, i.e.  high speed Internet Access for everyone.  What the Bush Adminstration did was change the way Internet Providers are categorized from “Common Carriers” to “Information Services”.

The FCC thought they could go about BAU (Business As Usual) governing the Comcasts and AT&Ts just like the FCC does Telecoms, Cable, and TV…Ooops…The Federal Appeals Court ruled this sort of governing only applies to “Common Carriers”, not “Information Services”.

This means if AT&T (my Internet Provider) decides that WordPress information is not going to travel on AT&T’s Internet then I guess I won’t be updating this blog…

Tim Wu with slate.com expounds much more eloquently about this situation here.

Mr. Wu also references an Op-Ed piece from the NYT by Susan Crawford here.

AT&T, Comcast et al we be re-categorized as “Common Carriers” in the near future…which is why the FCC is going forward with their Broadband plan.



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