5-3-2010 Monday – More on eBooks and ePublishing

As a ‘reader of books’ this subject fascinates me.  When music went ‘digital’ it was interesting to me as an academic exercise – I had ‘no-skin-in-the-game’.  For 25 years I have listened to ‘Talk Radio” and all its manifestations.  Thank you NPR!

But books?…Books I care about.  I care very much about books.  I love books.  I love being in rooms with bookshelves overflowing with books.  I love really old books.  Several years ago I was in an antique bookstore on Jekyll Island, Ga and bought a 1938 copyright edition of “War and Peace“.  I know by holding something over 60 years old (at the time) added greatly to my experience, more than some ‘freshly’ minted copy from Amazon or B&N.  But even one day, even these ‘freshly’ minted books will be old.  Not eBooks.

I also  have an incomplete set of Charles Dickens’ works published by A. L. Burt Company and NO DATE.  I looked up A L Burt on Yahoo and the company published books from 1883 to 1937.  The site listed ways to date books by the street address of A L Burt, but the books do not list a street address either

 There is something about reading old books, the musty smell, the yellow paper, the physical feeling of time that I am going to miss.

…but I am sure somewhere in our past there where those who said words similar to the above about changing from reading hand-written text to that new-fangled printed  stuff…”Damn that Gutenburg!”…it is time to move forward…

Here is an interesting article I found in the NYT by Michael Sinanian of VentureBeat entitled “How Do You get an E-Book Signed” .  Mr. Sinanian interviews author Justine Musk (whom I had to Google) who has a unique perspective on how authors and their fans will interact in the ‘digital future’.

As an example of this ‘different’ interaction here is a link to an article from wired.com on William Gibson and his new book, “Zero History” by Scott Thill.  This is basically a summary of a recent online Q&A with his fans on his website.  To read the entire Q&A go here.  I do not like reading archived ‘live’ blogs…I don’t know whether to start from the bottom and read up…over vice-versa…The concept of this form of interaction is very good…but the delivery/execution/presentation is weak…very weak…these things must have some logical order or connection as fan’s questions bounce from topic to topic…chronology does not work…

Next a piece from NPR’s ‘Fresh Air’.  Terry Gross interviews Ken Auletta on his latest article in the New Yorker about the future of Publishing.  And/Or you can just go to Mr. Auletta’s article “Publish or Perish – Can the iPad topple the Kindle, and save the book business

The issues surrounding ‘blacklists’ and copyrights are interesting to consider…and how long will it be before Adobe comes out with ‘affordable’ software to convert word documents to an eBook format?

In the several article I have read no one yet mentions Textbooks.  I guess I will have to reasearch what percentage of a publisher’s bottom line is from Textbooks.  I see the day where the ‘Steven Kings’ and ‘John Grisham’s’ of the world “publish” there own works…I can even see Universities leveraging their “Human Capital” and publishing their own textbooks…but the world of elementary and secondary textbooks will continue to be produced by “Publishers”…at least for the foreseeable future.


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