5-22-2010 Saturday – I’ve been busy…

…and so probably have you…

“They” (the good folks at WordPress) say blogger’s should share ‘personal’ information with their readers…helps ‘bonding’ I suppose…therefore in that ‘spirit’…

I’ve been busy at Work, home, and my daughter plays softball…a lot of softball this month…between Rec (Recreational) and School teams it was something every evening during the week and Saturdays…

So I have two weekends with no softball before ‘tournament’ season in June…it should all be over by the end of June…

While I haven’t been ‘blogging’, I have been reading…some to upcoming topics include:

  • My review of  Richard Clarke’s book “Cyberwar”
  • FCC attempts to ‘Turn Back Time’ (It’s not everyday you get to make a Cher reference, so you have to go with it)
  • More about China and censoring
  • More ePublishing and eBooks
  • US/Europe’s Telecom Plans The Future of Broadband delivery
  • Google’s attempt to take over the world
  • Financial Crisis/Wall Street Reform Bill/Goldman-Sachs (I can’t help myself)
  • My wife got an iPhone and what that means to me…other than $30/months for the data plan

So, there is a lot coming up in the next couple of weeks…Also, I just installed some newsreader/RSS feed manager software…to help manage and organize the information I AM interested in…


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