5-25-2010 Tuesday – China; Power and Censorship

When the Google – Sino split occurred earlier this year I was fascinated by the stories.

I expected more to become of it…but nothing has.  Except that Google has not ‘blinked’.  neither has China; but no one thought China would.

I found this essay in the NYT Book Review from May 5th, by Emily Parker entitled “Censors Without Borders“.  The essay gives examples of how governments and businesses outside of China are hesitant to support writers and books that are critical of the Chinese Government.  Ms. Emily’s lead example is of the Library of Congress cancelling an appearance by Denise Chong, author of “Egg on Mao“; “a library employee involved in the discussions acknowledged that the political sensitivity of the book was one factor in the decision, along with the library’s relationship with the National Library of China”.

I respect Google even more.

Also this past week Mike Melanson of the NYT (and others) reported that China is “implementing new standards that are aimed at preventing “state secrets being disclosed and uncertified maps published online”.

As usual with China no one is sure what the new standard really means:

“all Internet map servers to keep servers storing map data inside the country and provide public Internet protocol addresses”

Which I am quite certain is how China intends the new (and any other) standard to be – The new standard will mean what China wants it to mean, whenever China needs it to mean whatever China wants!

Also, per Richard Clarke in “Cyber War” Microsoft succumbed and gave China acces to Window’s code.  Microsoft would not do that for the largest banks and customers in this country.

Now that’s power.


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