5-27-2010 Friday – Latest eBook Numbers and more…

eBook Sales Up More Than 184 % in March reports Jason Booger at mediabistro.com to $28.5M in March.  This is an increase of almost 252% in 2010.

Bookselling in general has improved. The AAP [Association of American Publishers] reported that overall book sales had grown to $458.2 million–a 16.6 percent increase for March.

Wow.  I only chipped in about $50.00 in March for my eBooks.

The Book Industry Study Group Expects ‘Exponential Growth’ in eBooks reports Dianna Dilworth also at mediabistro.com.

According to the research [by ‘The Book Industry Study Group’] , which examines eBook reading and purchase behavior from print book readers who recently purchased either an eBook reader or an eBook, eBook sales went from 1.5% of all book sales in Q1 2009 to 5% in Q1 2010, with 33% of eBook buyers entering the market in the last six months

In the article it also states that computers are the most popular eBook reading device at 37%.  The Kindle at 32% and the Nook (my device) is a lowly 3% (B&N better get to marketing and pushing the Best Buy arrangement; The Nook is a good device).  The article also states the iPad at 3% is worth noting because the iPad had only been out for three weeks when the numbers were crunched.

Here is an Op-Ed piece from Garrison Keillor – The End of Area in Publishing.  Mr. Keillor is right; anyone can now ‘publish’ anything anytime.  I am a perfect example.  But, that doesn’t mean Descarte’s axiom applies:  I write therefore I am a Writer – is not a truism.  Read Mr. Keillor’s piece and you will understand.

The definition of sardonic from the Meriam-Webster Online dictionary is:

Main Entry: sar·don·ic
Pronunciation: \sär-ˈdä-nik\
Function: adjective
Etymology: French sardonique, from Greek sardonios
Date: 1638
: disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking <a sardonic comment>

synonyms see sarcastic

— sar·don·i·cal·ly  \-ni-k(ə-)lē\ adverb

I quote directly from Mr. Keillor’s piece:

Call me a pessimist, call me Ishmael, but I think that book publishing is about to slide into the sea. We live in a literate time, and our children are writing up a storm, often combining letters and numerals (U R 2 1derful), blogging like crazy, reading for hours off their little screens, surfing around from Henry James to Jesse James to the epistle of James to pajamas to Obama to Alabama to Alanon to non-sequiturs, sequins, penguins, penal institutions, and it’s all free, and you read freely, you’re not committed to anything the way you are when you shell out $30 for a book, you’re like a hummingbird in an endless meadow of flowers. 

That is Writing.  With a capital W.


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