6-3-2010 Thursday – eHealth

Here is an article on eHealth from the Computerworld staff via wired.com -E-Health and Web 2.0: The Doctor Will Tweet You Now.  I know with elementary school aged children how nice this would be…calling the pediatrician…waiting for a nurse to call back…making a ‘sick-time’ appointment…waiting…driving to the pediatrician…then to get the ‘script…more waiting…painful…with this and ePerscriptions it would be much faster…much easier…sometimes…

From the NTY’s Milt Freudenheim a story on video Dr Appointments titled The Doctor Will See You Now. Please Log On.  Beginning to see a pattern (and by the way, is it just me or does the Dr in the pic look like William Shatner?)

Lastly another NYT article on the politics of eHealth Records (the digital conversion and storage your medical history) by Steve Lohr.

So, we have all three pieces for you to never go (or wait in the reception area with ancient magazines thumbed through by strangers carrying who know what diseases) to a Dr’s Office again:

  • Electronic Communication
  • Video Diagnosis
  • Access to your information 

Things are moving faster and faster in our world today…Our culture’s adoption of technological change is incredible.  The music industry and now the book/publishing industry, cell-to-smart phones and a brand new thing called ‘Social Media’.

The eHealth transformation will take longer because the government must be involved…on many fronts – Medicare $$$’s, The new Health Care Bill, and some ‘group’ will have to lead standards around digital health records.


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