6-8-2010 Tuesday – The Future of eReaders

Here is an article from Paul Carr at TechCrunch (from a couple of months ago) titled “I Admit It, The iPad Is A Kindle Killer. I Just Wish It Weren’t Going To Kill Reading Too“.  The title pretty much sums up the article…In time, media consumption devices will merge…as will media – Written, Video, and Audio…this is a good article and if you haven’t been to an Apple store and played with an iPad you need to do it…The iPad is a very impressive piece of technology.

Apparently, this media ‘convergence’ is already taking place…ever heard of a “vook”?…neither had I until I ran across “Guns N’ Roses Vook Released” on mediabistro.com.  It is going to take some time for me to digest some of this media convergence before I can write about it.  I am currently reading Anna Karenina (B&N Classic – Tolstoy – $0.99; Deal!) and it is difficult for me to imagine Tolstoy being ‘vooked’…but maybe that’s just me…

Moving back to eReaders and eBooks…Amazon and Apple are fighting an uphill battle with proprietary eBook formats per Reuters at this years BookExpo America (BEA) – “Amazon vs. Apple Be Damned: Publishers Pine for Universal E-Book Format“…De’ Ja Beta v VHS all over again…My opinion is the Publishers and Authors learned a lot (but enough???) from the Music Industry and are meeting the royalty issue head-on in another blog from the BEA.  As I have said before, I watched the music industry go through ‘digitization’ from the sidelines.  But books are near and dear to my heart…

I am not musically inclined so I will not be uploading a music video to YouTube…but I can write…and maybe with some years of practice I will learn to write well…maybe…


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