06-16-2010 Wednesday – China’s Growing Pains

Suicides at the Foxconn factory compound, striking workers at other plants.  Not a good couple of weeks for our Sino-Friends.

There is even more threats of a strike this week at a Honda parts facility.

Then we have stories about young workers going to Shanghai and Hong Kong to avoid ‘censorship’.  Fortunately, China, through its State Council Information Office, released a white paper – “The Internet in China

So, prices for most of our goods (that we buy) will be going up…

With regard to China…keep your eye on the ball…

  1. How Labor issues are handled/resolved
  2. Internet Security Policy
  3. Monetary Policy
  4. Relations with foreign businesses, e.g. Google

Everything/Anything else is noise to distract from the above, e.g. Taiwan and ‘saber rattling’

6-17 UPDATE:

Today in the NYT is an article on how technology is helping the labor revolt organize and communicate…very similar to what happened in Iran last summer…it will be revealing to see how long the Chinese Government lets this go on…



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