06-17-2010 Thursday – Three Independent Events

Three articles came out the same day:

  1. Singapore Wired for Speed (FTTH)
  2. Starbucks to offer free Wi-Fi
  3. ESPN to stream ESPN3 through Xbox

Seemingly independent stories, but all have in common delivering ‘connectivity’ to mass audiences.

Give me your business and I’ll let you ‘connect’ Anywhere…for your laptop, smartphone, eReader, game device, or tablet…

With AT&T doing away with ‘unlimited’ plans will you stop at a Starbucks to get a ‘free’ on-line “fix”?

I will.  And I am not a Starbucks customer.

The speeds Singapore will have are ridiculous…FTTH – Fiber-to-the-Home…What a wonderful concept…As I’ve said before, if the US is going to keep up the FCC must step in and make the Tier 1 providers to ‘speed’ up speeds…I recently did my DSL test…a ‘whopping’ 3 Mbs…that’s right “A-SINGLE-FREAKIN-DIGIT” 3 Mbs…Countries around the world are getting 10 times that for no more than I’m paying now…All I ‘see’ from the Tier 1’s are promises…call it…VAPOR bandwidth…

Bonus article from newteevee.com, Cord-cutting a ‘Myth,’ Says Nielsen — But Will It Be in 5 Years? by Ryan Lawler.  Nielsen research is showing cable subscriptions are growing, while households going ‘broadband’ only is essentially flat.  I see two reasons for this –

  1. Not enough network bandwidth/speed (see above)
  2. HDTV

The combination of HDTV and paltry speeds in the US is postponing the inevitable…what we want, when we want it and where we want it, i.e. ON-DEMAND.

It will happen.


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