06-22-2010 Tuesday – Uncle Gene (Genachowski and the FCC) Wants You!

  A lot has been happening on the Broadband front this past week –

  1. The FCC wants your input
  2. A presidential ‘Emergency Cut-Off’

First, I want to encourage everyone to participate/vote on the FCC “Notice of Inquiry” when available.  This is an opportunity to get directly involved with government. 

In the category of “A Subject for Another Day” the Anywhere society will change how government works.  Have you emailed your congressman or senator recently?  It is really very easy.  There are drop down menus for subjects and a simple text box for a simple message.

Imagine signing up for a RSS Feed from your representative.  Then during an important vote your representative sends a poll.  Your voice is heard!

Now imagine the same scenario above and you are on vacation.  Hiking along the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.  You will not get the poll.

ANYWHERE won’t work if it is NOT EVERYWHERE.

There is no business reason for any Tier 1 to provide coverage in rural locations.  It must be subsidized by the government.  Hence regulation.

Now, call me paranoid because I read “Fatal System Error” and “Cyberwar” but we will need a method to disconnect us from the Internet.  In an emergency.  Again, regulation is needed. 

Have you ever noticed those emergency cut-off switches at the gas pumps and inside the stores at gas stations.  That is regulation. 

Would you drive up to a 10-island gas station…in the family van…with the spouse, kids, and your best dog…KNOWING this facility DOES NOT have these safety shut-off devices…just to save $0.02 per gallon?  Would you really?

Now, in a related article by Noah Schachtman at wired.com, a status on the DHS US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) is not ready.  This is the agency responsible for all the *.gov sites.  No one is responsible for the *.com sites.

So, let’s summarize…no plan or team to secure the  *.gov network…no one at all to secure the *.net network…and as many as 50,000 new malicious programs detected every day…Nah, we don’t need no stinkin’ emergency cut-off…Do we???


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