06-24-2010 Thursday – Wireless Plans and the “Network”

Here is an interesting analysis on Wireless “Oligopoly” by Ryan Singel at wired.com.

If the people who brought us television had played by the same rules that today’s wireless carriers impose — we’d probably all be listening to the radio.

Which is a nice way of saying the wireless industry — AT&T, Sprint, Verizon and T-Mobile — needs some ground rules that make clear they are common carriers that get the right to rent the airwaves by abiding by fair rules.

Thank you Mr. Singel.  I feel my posts are becoming redundant; it’s about regulation, stupid.

Following Mr. Singel’s article is one by Steven Levy and his Three Laws of Tablets.

Law Three:  “Tablets must always be connected”.

Kinda hard to do if the Network is NOT Everywhere and we’re ‘paying-by-the-drink’…

To close here is a recent blog from Emily Green with the Yankee Group titled “Where are our Anywhere Network Leaders“. 

It’s the people who deploy technology who are the ultimate agents of change in any technology revolution. Some of our Anywhere revolution’s change agents include: the academics who adopted the U.S. military’s TCP/IP protocol for inter-university file transfers; the rebels whose digital sharing websites cracked open the entire music industry; the passionate designers of powerful simplicity at Apple, who unlocked our appetites to use their creations. People are the agents of change in our networks… or not.

Case in point: the state of IT today within some network service providers. At the same time these carriers rail against the forces pushing them toward commoditization of their assets, and while they acknowledge the imperative for change to continue playing an important role in the lives of their customers, the real guts of their networks languish.

The Dichotomy:

  • Is right in front of the network service providers (NSPs) noses – If the NSP’s do not build the “Network”, soon enough, fast enough, and at a ‘good’ price point they will be regulated…even more than they ‘fear’.

The Irony:

  • The NSPs are giving ‘us’ the tools to make sure we get the “Network” we want; or there will be regulation – emailing our representatives…ePolls…using the “Network”…the FCC has already fire the first shot over the bow by seeking our comments and thoughts on regulation – on the FCC Website!
  •  The NSP lobbyists will make our representatives rich…But we make sure the representatives ‘keep’ their jobs so they can get richer…and the ‘Power’ is keeping their jobs..and power is a greater aphrodisiac than money.

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